Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Cut it Out.

Yes, the title of this post is definitely a cheesy Full House reference but that's as far as it goes. While in Melaka, Malaysia some months ago we stumbled upon a small shop filled with hand made paper cut-outs.

The shop was owned by a humorous young artist named Ray who pain stakingly created 100s if not 1000s of cut outs which he sold in the store and the weekend night market. I asked him if he had anyone helping him with the cut outs to which he replied, " no one is crazy enough to commit to this kind of work. " Well apparently Ray is and I have to say I love him for that. Because after hours of scrounging through his work Justin and I finally settled on a beautifully cut tree housing a few perched birds.

If you're ever in Melaka make sure you visit his store which is located steps away from the Jonker Walk.

Our lovely purchase.

Paintings of Ray's cut-outs decorate the shop front.


Monday, March 14, 2011

A Very Long Journey: Sketches from Abroad

Before leaving the U.S. I decided to grab a Moleskine and participate in The Sketchbook Project. I picked a theme, Down Your Street for my book only to spend the first month of my journey trying to figure out what I wanted to draw on those very empty pages. I can't think of too many tasks as daunting as filling a completely blank sketchbook with drawings that you have to share with others.

By the time we reached Malaysia (after a month of staring at the book) I had a plan; draw the people I'd met along the way. Two months later, when we reached Northern Thailand I had a sketchbook full of watercolors of the nicest, oddest, cutest and just plain bizzare people we had seen and met along the way.

Having been on the road for six months now, the list has grown extensively. I'm still painting new friends and people who I just stop and watch on the streets (there are quite a few of these). A Very Long Journey, my contribution to The Sketchbook Project is currently a traveling show touring the U.S. The Projects will ultimately end up in the Brooklyn Art Library as part of their permanent collection.

Below is a video and some photos of my drawings for the project. Click here to view tour dates and other sketch books.


My aunt and uncle in Orange County who set us off with
 a lovely fruit basket that kept us busy until we
arrived in San Francisco 6 hrs later.

A VERY LONG JOURNEY Who is Robert Wong?
Robert Wong, a magician with pork. His restaurant had us
coming back for more during our stay in Kuala Lumpur.

A VERY LONG JOURNEY Bonnie and the Buckets
Bonnie, a young Australian who took us
back to our college days with a few buckets.

A 4 year old I met while in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia.
Alfie had a better vocabulary and command of the
English Language than most adults I know.
The only thing that gave him away for
being four years old were his 'E's 

A VERY LONG JOURNEY Justin Genovese and the Eraser Bits
This lovey man is who I get to enjoy all these travels with. He's also kind enough to tolerate the little eraser bits I leave behind.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

With Love, From Laos

This Valentine's day was extra special as I got to spend with Justin in Laos. The hidden jem of South East Asia, Laos is home to some of the world's most hospitabe people. And not to mention some of the most delicious food. Here are some of the Valentine's cards I worked on while traveling from Luang Namtha to Luang Prabang.




Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Malit & Manop do Ayutthaya

Justin and I spent a week in January at the home of my good friend Diane's mom Wandee in Sena, Ayutthaya. A lover of food and an avid gardener and fisher, she cooked up a storm for us in her lovely Thai outdoor kitchen without ever stepping foot into a grocery store for ingredients. We were christened with Thai names (Malit & Manop) and got to fish, play with Wandee's 50 or so pups and make some wonderful new friends, that I hope we'll get to visit again very soon.

Here are a few cards I made to thank Wandee and her family for inviting us into their home.

Kun Mai Wandee with a few of her beloved mutts.

Wandee's grand niece Pat. A spitting image of Punky Brewester

Yui is another one of Wandee's grand nieces.
She tried to convince us that there were crocodiles in the river
and was dubbed "the Crocodile" from that day forth.