Saturday, June 11, 2011

Persian Love Haikoodles

While apart Justin and I have started an exercise of love, he sends me a Haiku daily and I send him a doodle on newspaper clippings from Iran. Below are the first five Haikoodles...

Iranian Muff
Oh, I miss your touch
Oh, I miss your muff, so much
Oh Iran, sniff me

The Anyhoopers
Huh? Anyhoopers?
You said this in an email
It's not Farsi, right?

Juggling Balls
What! You touched his tush!
You juggle his soccer balls?
Abedzadeh poop.

Lovers Loving Lovingly
Lover, I love love
your loving love lovingly
like lovers in love.

Vast Distance Hijab
You wear your hijab
while I hang my with homies,
our distance is vast.

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