Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hill Cats / House Cats

While traveling through SE Asia I got a chance to learn a bit about the natural wildlife of their large cats and how quickly their habitats are being destroyed. We also visited a few animal sanctuaries where I realized how similar these big cats were to my highly energetic house cat Moosh. Even though they were about 50 times her size they were all still mesmerized by a moving string or wiggling toes.

I started working on a series of sketches showing House Cats and Hill Cats and a bizarre series of interactions between the two. Some of the drawings also involve a few of our day to day interactions with locals in the different countries we visited.

Here are a few of the sketches which I'm turning into finished pieces. Prints will be available on etsy in the upcoming month!

Hoi-an Suit Step
Justin was being fitted for a suit, I was doodling.

Justin playing with a 2 month old tiger cub.

Mammie Bounce
The Mammie Bounce

Tsunami Grief
Hearing about the Tsunami in Japan whilst in Dalat.

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