Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Malit & Manop do Ayutthaya

Justin and I spent a week in January at the home of my good friend Diane's mom Wandee in Sena, Ayutthaya. A lover of food and an avid gardener and fisher, she cooked up a storm for us in her lovely Thai outdoor kitchen without ever stepping foot into a grocery store for ingredients. We were christened with Thai names (Malit & Manop) and got to fish, play with Wandee's 50 or so pups and make some wonderful new friends, that I hope we'll get to visit again very soon.

Here are a few cards I made to thank Wandee and her family for inviting us into their home.

Kun Mai Wandee with a few of her beloved mutts.

Wandee's grand niece Pat. A spitting image of Punky Brewester

Yui is another one of Wandee's grand nieces.
She tried to convince us that there were crocodiles in the river
and was dubbed "the Crocodile" from that day forth.

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