Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fake Summer Break

The last 3-4 months have presented some great changes. The biggest of which was quitting my job of 4 years as the Art Director at the Museum of Tolerance, and moving across the world for a year of work and holiday. One which, will hopefully include more illustration work than I've done in the past. The last few months were spent holed up working on my portfolio (which was in desperate need of an update) and visiting friends and family all across the US and Canada for a final fellware before our departure. Currently, I am sitting on a bed in the middle of a cotton candy pink and baby blue hostel room in Kuala Lampur with a leaky air conditioner providing the soundtrack to my new life.

Although I've been MIA on updating my blog, work has steadily been flowing my way. Below are a few of my most recent Mine Shop pieces and here is a link to my new site which is still a work in progress. Also if  you are interested in my whereabouts and travel stories visit 2 Schnauz Abroad.

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