Sunday, May 9, 2010

And here is to the Pet Mama's out there...

Let's not forget about all the loving pet mom's out there.  My favorite pet portrait story came from Danielle who purchased a portrait of her mom's 16 year old Chihuahua Chico, I felt like I knew Chico by the time I was finished reading this:
"He is 16 and still very chipper when he "sees" (really senses because he is partially blind and partially deaf) family members (especially grandkids). Everyday he goes outside while the students from the elementary school up the street are getting out for the day-everyone knows his name and stops to pet him because he is so kind and loves affection. When he was just a young man, he used to sleep in the nook of our retired racing greyhound, we believed they had an unlikely quirky love affair which could be titled "Chico and the Long-Legged Showgirl" . He loves to be swaddled in blankets and stay cozy in the winter or to lay in the sunshine on the patio in the summer and bake himself. He also is prone to licking my mom's ankles compulsively while she watches TV and tries to ignore it, as well as following her around nonstop. He has the disposition of a champion and out of all of my mom's many pets over the years I think Chico is the dog of her heart."
Below are portraits of Chico and some of the other lovable canines I was lucky enough to paint.


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